Everyone can establish a holy relationship.  A holy relationship is acknowledging there is a spiritual connection with everyone you meet.  Know that we all come from the same source. 

Once you create this type of mindset, you are able to raise your energy vib...

What is the #1 thing that holds us back from fully applying the power of intention and manifesting?

It's the EGO! yes my friends and along comes 6 false beliefs from the ego:

  1. I am what I have. My possessions define me.

  2. I am what I do. My achievements define me.

  1. MEDITATE. Meditate before attending your dinner. Sometimes we are stuck in the past by remembering how wrong the other person treated us. Through meditation you can become aware of the present moment, your feelings and regulate your breathing.  Meditation is a grea...

This interview was hosted by Anna Lundberg founder of One Step Outside.  If you are a busy bee, entrepreneur and have put yourself at the end of your to-do list, this video was made for you.  

This is the link for the entire interview: https://onestepoutside.com/ma...

This is one of my favorite books. If you want to efficiently deal with your suffering, this book helps you shift your perception about suffering and guides you to cultivate seeds of happiness.

What is the opposite of being a perfectionist?  I believe is being vulnerable.  One can gradually become skillful at becoming vulnerable, by first being vulnerable to oneself and then others.

If sitting meditation, its not just your thing yet, in this video I shared the fantastic technique of walking meditation/mindful walking.  Practice walking meditation on your way to work, on your way back home or on those challenging days to get a peace of mind....

The second arrow is the story about the Buddha teaching his students about how we create suffering in our lives.  Becoming aware of our thoughts and taking the responsibility to choose our thoughts is very empowering.  Are you choosing skillful, helpful thoughts or add...

Hello! Beautifuls,

I hope you are enjoying or will be enjoying this special day with mom, "Mother's Day." I have created a video to help you strengthen your relationship with her if needed.

The title of this video was created way before today and means no offense to moth...

In this video I help you determine if you are in a relationship because you are seeking happiness in a partner,or because you are experiencing true love.  Learn about the four elements of true love from mindfulness teachings and start nourishing your own happiness firs...

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