Find your happiness and learn to put it first

Hi, Lovely Unicorn!

I help people build a strong self-love practice so they can put their happiness first and create a life they love. I'm known for bringing in the fun in every service I offer .

My calling involves serving as a radical self-love teacher and psychotherapist for the millennial woman. I'm also the founder of the popular Mindful We Circle.  My journey has lead me to serve thousands of people to find their happiness and to learn to put it first.

Here in my cozy online space, I share spiritual tips, tools and stories so you can give your life a powerful makeover.

Ways I can help you


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A circle where you connect with other unicorns and learn powerful teachings while also having fun.


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Allow me to help you get out of your comfort zone with compassion, and start experiencing breakthroughs in your life.


Watch Self-Loving Moments with Freedom

Start applying simple yet powerful techniques and start stirring the joy inside you.


Mindful We Love Wall

I was looking for something like this. Glad I found it. I’m coming back.” 


—  L.K

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Be Love.

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