Freedom Rivera is a radical self-compassion teacher and psychotherapist. She is also the founder and facilitator of the well-known "Mindful We Circle" in New York city.


Freedom helps people build a strong Self-love practice so they can put their happiness first and and create a life they love.


She is known for her joyful energy and creating nourishing group experiences for people to get in touch with themselves, connect and play. 

Despite a traumatic childhood, her core belief is that everyone is capable of making their dreams into a reality through self-compassion. 

Freedom holds a masters degree in counseling for mental health and wellness from New York University.  She practices mindfulness living and has received different trainings in mindfulness.


When she’s not working, you can find her volunteering at her local library, or watching "When Calls The Heart."  


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Hi there!

You might be visiting my website because you feel in your gut that you need a shift in your life.  Perhaps you want to: 

  • Get rid of anxiety, stress, or declutter your mind

  • Make bold moves in your life and you need support to make things happen

  • Tune up your communication skills with your significant other

  • Bring mindfulness into your workplace, university, or community

Just like you, I have a PhD in suffering. Once upon a time I too had depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and was stuck with my career desires. I have taken the hard road into the depths of my shadows and brought light to every aspect of my life. 

The woman I am today is the result of intention and miracles.  I am taking the role of the teacher to help you to no longer feel like you are not enough, to stop begging for love, master self-compassion, and tap into your inner power.  It's there!


If you hang out with me for too long,

I''ll brainwash you into believing in yourself

and thinking you can achieve anything.

Want to spend some quality time with me and others to unwind, connect  and learn different wellness techniques?


Freedom, I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done with me during our Self-love mastery sessions.  


I wanted to have a change in my life and you helped me get to grad school.  


I have realized that I tended to see more of my weaknesses instead on focusing on all my strengths which is what it will take me far.


Thank you so much for your help!” 

Alix Camacho

Want to know more about me?

Lets get closer!

I was born in the land of the Incas and llamas, Peru. And have lived in the capital of the world, New York City, most of my life. 

I like to hug old tall trees during my walking meditation.  The texture of their trunks fascinates me.  I like to think each tree has its own personality.

My favorite daydream? Being interviewed by Oprah. Oprah if you are reading this, I'm ready!

If I had to pick a favorite book, it would be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a small book with big lessons about going after your wildest dreams, faith, and overcoming your fears.

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