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Power Shots 30 days Program.

This package is ideal for the woman who wants to organize her life and focus on a monthly goal.  Perhaps that goal that has been put away in the corner of her mind.


Just like green power shots, obtain the benefits of four powerful video calls to help you 

It includes:

  • 4 coaching video calls (60 minutes)

  • 5 weekly love assignments that will help you with your self-growth

  • weekly plan of action 

  • 5 emails

  • an e-workbook

  • plus a follow up phone call after 30 days.

You will have the following results:

  1.  Clarity on your goal plans, direction and purpose

  2. Motivation

  3. Improved mindset

  4. Improved organizational habits

  5. Organized tasks and an agenda that works.

  6.  Steps to accomplished your number one goal

  7. Resources

Your investment of

$555 (USD) paid in full or $658 with installment plan

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