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Mindfulness And How It Helped Me Step Into My Life Purpose.

When we go through our tough times, we start dialing to the Universe, Creator, Source, Light, God (or whatever you choose to call it). Specially when one is in need of answers to our problems.

Gratefully, three years ago I stumbled upon the teachings of mindfulness.

Mindfulness taught me about the importance of self compassion. Self -compassion helped me speak to my parents my truth about my past child sexual abuse. It also helped me shift to a career that allows me to inspire others and that I very much enjoy.

In one of my retreats at a Buddhist monastery last year (where they teach mindfulness), I realized I was overwhelmed by my work when I was working as a psychotherapist. It was no longer fulfilling my life. Let's say that the health care system in this country shows little kindness to its employees.

My presence at the retreat was my dialing to the universe.

Prior to the retreat, I felt like not knowing what to do about my job. For so long I was in the mode of giving. However, I was also experiencing confusion and guiltiness because I wanted to quit my job.

During the retreat, there was an important talk during the morning. I woke up late, and I was running towards the meditation hall, like a lunatic. I arrived five minutes before this talk was over. Perhaps it was the most important five minutes of that weekend.

As I arrived, sister True Vow said "Giving is very important, BUT if you have found yourself empty, THEN STOP! It's ok to stop..."

I said to myself "wow! A Buddhist sister is saying this! They give so much. Then that's it. I'm stopping."

The feeling of excitement and hope for a better life replaced the feeling of guiltiness inside me.

Mindfulness, aside from focusing on the present moment, and being compassionate to others, is also about self-compassion. As I meditated that week, my plans to work independently started becoming more real.

Oprah, Tony Robbins, top Forbes leaders, all these people understand the value of Mindfulness at work and in their personal life.

Mindfulness also permeates into my work. Most of the time, my clients attend their session with a cluttered mind. We first start by focusing on their present moment, breath, body awareness which bring focus and ultimately a successful session.

Today when stress knocks my door, I meditate, do mindful walking, mindful eating, among other practices that help me take care of my suffering and celebrate the joy in my life.

My life is not perfect but I honestly can tell you is more colorful, vivacious and calm.

What keeps you grounded and quiets your mind? Please share. If you haven't found one yet, I highly recommend to give mindfulness a try.

May you walk your path with self compassion.

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