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What Disconnect Us From Intention

What is the #1 thing that holds us back from fully applying the power of intention and manifesting?

It's the EGO! yes my friends and along comes 6 false beliefs from the ego:

  1. I am what I have. My possessions define me.

  2. I am what I do. My achievements define me.

  3. I am what others think of me. My reputation defines me.

  4. I am separate from everyone.My body defines as alone.

  5. I am separate from all that is missing in my life. My life space is disconnected from my desires.

  6. I am separate from God. My life depends on God’s assessments of my worthiness (Excerpt from the book, The Power Of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer).

When you tame or weakened the ego, you can then apply the power of intention.

My book club mentioned in the video: The Nourished Unicorns Book Club.

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