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Celebrating Health

Today I celebrate my health as I recover from an undiagnosed illness. Being outside with other humans and being able to eat in a restaurant far away from home is a huge milestone for me.

There is this principle in many spiritual teachings that goes like this: "When you feel good, you attract everything you desire." So what happens when you are going through physical pain everyday? How can you apply this principle? Sounds impossible, right?

Early this summer when things were pretty dark health wise for me, I bought that dress you are seeing on this pic. Not long ago I spent most days in bed with pain and discomfort. Nevertheless, I VISUALIZED myself outside spending time with my bestie and wearing that dress at some point in the summer.

I told my mother (yes she is my bestie) that we were going to have dinner outside and I'll be wearing this dress. Not only what I visualized happened but I also went to the beach and was laying on the sand in pure gratitude. I still can't jump, dance, walk long distances, and forget about jogging or running. Although my heart aches that my body yet can't do all those things, my faith, hope and love for life gives comfort to my weary heart.

Also I'm not waiting to be back to healthy in the future in order to be joyful.

I have learned to pay attention to both my suffering and joy. I take care of both experiences and feelings and this practice leads me to face my challenges without chaos.

I still don't know what exactly is the root of my health issue. Once I have it figured it out I'll for sure make a video of my journey in hope to bring light to others.

To all my unicorn friends out there who are living with chronic pain or any type of illness, I pray for you to heal and manage the tough times the best way you can. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.




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