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Finding My Way Back To Love

This past week was probably the hardest health-wise, emotionally-wise, and spiritually-wise of this year.

The physical pain that I have been feeling in my body increased and it was excruciating.

If you watched the movie Titanic, remember that part where Rose is laying on the door in the ocean?

While everyone else is dead and she is just looking at the stars waiting to die or receive help.

I saw myself just like that. Waiting for either or to happen. The following day, I knew I either had to go to the ER or have somebody see me.

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

Since the beginning of my health issues this year. I have been stressing out on finding the diagnosis and the right doctor.

So I took my poor body to my acupuncture appointment that, although by then I have given up on hope. I feel grateful that she didn't give up on me. She was even a bit angry, she was trying to figure out herself where the pain was originally coming from. Towards the end of my healing session with her, I could feel her care and her perseverance.

To have someone remind you that you are not alone can make a huge difference. When I went to see her I could barely walk, and I left her place walking normally. Beautiful events and synchronicities started to happen once I got home. See my energies changed.

I came back home from seeing my amazing acupuncturist and herbalist Soon Pak. As I told you before, her support and kind reminder that I am going to heal from this was the remedy my heart needed to hear. A lot of synchronicities started then to happen. How so?

Well, during the weekend I posted on a spiritual facebook community ( part of a course I am taking) my frustrations of what I've been going through. I asked for prayers. This course is with Iyanla Vanzant. As some of you know, she has her own show, "Iyanla Fixed My Life" on the Oprah channel. She is besties with Oprah and has been interviewed by her. When I made this post, I never expected for the queen Iyanla Vanzant, to read it. She wrote a long message back.

Iyanla helped me see that all this time I was only focused on the pain and how I am seeking for the diagnosis and right doctor. She was able to prove that to me from my own writing. My jaw dropped and I felt a huge sense of relief and support. She also reminded me that our Source is more powerful than any pain in the world.

So I grabbed my mala beads and I prayed. And prayed some more. Then I came across one of the lectures from Joe Dispenza about our innate power to heal ourselves and ever since then, we (The Universe and I) are working on my healing. This time I'm allowing the Universe to do most of the work. I have done tons of it this year. It would be arrogant of me to continue doing all this searching and healing all by myself.

I'M LETTING IN!! Finally right?

This journey is not over yet. Hope, faith, and resilience has become my lifestyle. I will continue to live life strongly and I will keep you updated.

In the meantime I would like to leave you with this special quote. Again another synchronicity how I came across this quote.

Don't move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. ~Rumi

Love aka Source, The Universe, Divine Guidance, Light, My Bestie. ;-)


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