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The love Journey  

90 DAYS 

Mentoring Journey

Signature Program

This is my signature program crafted to guide you on your spiritual journey, mindset, and vision.


Enough with the "no game, no pain" mentality.  There is a practical way

to accomplish things in life and our major source of strength is

already within ourselves.  You were born with inner peace and love.

In 3 months you will have:

  1. Clarity about your priorities and goals in life.

  2. Your very own set of tools to help you deal even your most challenging situations.

  3. Identify and overcome you relationship blocks. 

  4. Communication tools to help you build healthy relationships. 

In this 90 days, you will also:

  • Learn to practice self love through mindset, mindfulness and exercises.

  • Learn the strategy to reach your specific relationship goal

  • Learn to execute your plans and increase your energy vibration.  

  • Improve your mindset about tackling your personal goals

  • Learn to make skillful decisions and embrace your imperfections.

  • Learn techniques to accomplish your plans with inner peace.


This signature package includes:

  1. Three weekly calls per month (60 min. each), a total of 12, 1:1 coaching sessions 

  2. Assignments 

  3. Worksheets

  4. Resources 

  5. Weekly inspirational emails

  6. Unlimited emails communication (except weekends).  


Extra bonus:

* One follow up call after program.

* Attend a live workshop of your choice.


If you want change in your life, this is the program that will take you out of your comfort zone, create a balance life and reach your quarter goal for this year.  

your investment


$1,800 (USD)


3 payments of $633


Freedom, I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done with me during our Heroine journey sessions.  


I wanted to have a change in my life and you helped me get to grad school.  


I have realized that I tended to see more of my weaknesses instead on focusing on all my strengths which is what it will take me far.


Thank you so much for your help!” 

Alix Camacho

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