The Spiritual Gift Room

A mindset and energy vibration makeover

Whats inside?  

  • "11 Ways To Raise Your Energy Vibration," e-book.

  • "12 Morning Rituals For A Blissful Day," e-book. It will keep you grounded and balance throughout your day.

  • A letter to The Universe, To Do List to help you manifest.

  • "8 Mindful Ways To Build A Relationship With Food" (e-book and video).  A new approach to develop a new way of eating.

  • "Meditation To Soothe Difficult Emotions." The emergency kit when life gets rough.

  • A list of applications to assist you create a mindful practice.

  • Freedom's fave list of spiritual/self growth movies and books.

  • Plus, you will get an update every time I'll add something new. 

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