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Do This Ritual And Start This Year With intention and wisdom

Every year before I start making my yearly plans, I take my time to learn about myself from the year before. It has become a ritual. I want to share with you this ritual with the hopes to help you as much as it has helped me.

In this video, you'll learn about two journal prompts that will help you work on your plans with the right intention. You can do this ritual anytime of the year.

Remember, every day is an opportunity to reinvent your life.

Grab your pen and journal. Set aside 30 minutes or more to immerse in your wisdom. Perhaps set the tone for this ritual with candles or meditation music in the background.

Step 1. Answer the following question: What is your word for the last year? What word represents who you became last year or what you learned about yourself last year.

Step 2. Write a letter to the one year younger version of yourself. Let yourself know what you learned, what challenges you faced, and how you managed it. What advice would you give this younger version of yourself? Take your time. Once you complete this final step, read your letter out loud. You can then burn this letter (if the experience of burning signifies letting go for you). You can also keep it as a way to acknowledge your yearly growth. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Now you are ready to start crafting your yearly plan with the attitude you need to manifest your plans.

With love, Freedom


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