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How To Support A Love One With Chronic Pain

Don't judge a book by it's cover

The stranger next to you might look healthy, but you never know if they have some type of disability. For example, if you see a pedestrian who is crossing slowly be patient, let them take their time. This person might be going through something that is not visible.

Let go when someone doesn't want to share everything about their health

There are many reasons why people sometimes don't want to share about their health. Yes this even goes to people that you consider your besties, relative or just a love one. It's hard enough with people going through some type of chronic illness to face this challenge every day. Sometimes we don't want to be reminded what we are going through. There are times that it might just be that it's something too intimate to share. And there are times, well, that it's just none of your business. If we want to talk about it believe me, we'll ring you.