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How To Transform any challenging moment into a joyful one.

Did you know that my birthday was on Christmas day? I very much enjoyed celebrating me. This years birthday theme was the reindeer. For me it symbolizes the fragile yet strong aspect of myself. Reindeers are such a beautiful, fragile animal, and they can survive the most frugal winters in Siberia.

I had the merriest Christmas and birthday gathering I could ever dream of. It was truly magical. Even though the week leading up to it I was thrown so many curveballs that would have triggered me in the past.

Some of my symptoms came back. I had a disappointing conversation with a love one. A dear friend of mine passed away and I was also experiencing PTSD symptoms through the trigger of my body's pain. So, I sent an S.O.S. to The Universe, spirit guides, earth angels, and all of my prayers came to fruition.

In the past, this probably would have lead me to dwell only on the suffering. This time, I was able to pay attention to my suffering and my joy through lots of self compassion. I was able to transform all this and have the merriest holiday and birthday. I feel so grateful for that.

If you are having a great time, savor the moment. If you are going through a rough time, be that kind of friend you are to others to yourself. Sit with the strong emotions and sit with that joy inside you. It never left. It's there. I believe you can transform anything your mind and heart desires.

Sharing with you the magical moments and the abundance of love from my corner of the world to yours. Wishing you an amazing 2022! Love, Freedom.


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