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Miracles are real. An update on what happened during my recent surgery.

I had my surgery on October 9th and I’m doing great! Miracles are real and I want to share with you what happened in the surgery room.

First of all thank you if you have been following this story of my battle with endometriosis and adenomyosis. I intend to sprinkle hope and faith to those who are going through difficult times with their health.

The day before my surgery, I sent a text message to everyone close to my heart to pray for me. Gosh the energy of their love was strong. That night I told The Universe “I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow you’ll perform a miracle. Leave me with something to prove that I was sick. Otherwise nobody would believe me.”

The day of the surgery came and like planned I had a hysterectomy.

You got a hysterectomy?!

Yes I did. Presently is the only medical solution to get rid of adenomyosis.

So what happened?

Once I woke up from surgery, my sister told me “Freedom your doctor called me and told me THEY DIDN'T FIND ANY ENDOMETRIOSIS.”

They did however found adenomyosis. (endometriosis is a disorder in which endometrial tissue is found outside the uterus. Adenomyosis occurs when the endometrial tissue is found inside the uterus walls).

How is this a miracle?

It depends how you want to look at what happened. I had two MRIs in different places and dates. Both MRIs indicated where the endometriosis was in my body. My surgeon had to look at the MRIs again.

What does my doc say about this?

When I asked her for her interpretation of what happened. She responded looking pensive “they had to be bad readings from the people who did your MRIs.”

If it only was one poor MRI I could understand. Twice though? Hmm. These MRIs were from two different places, doctors and different dates. I had the general surgeon during surgery ready to take out the endo from my body because of the MRIs. Happy to tell you that all the other organs looked normal and healthy. He didn’t take out anything. That also means no risk of complications after surgery.

I asked my doctor “has this ever happened?” She replied “yes but rarely.” Then I told her “I choose to see this as a miracle. A lot of people prayed for me. I’ll write about this in the book I’m writing about miracles” She answered positively “Yes you can call it a miracle. Write about it.”

Are you sad about your hysterectomy?

Do you see me sad? I consider myself blessed. I’m not ready to be a mother and not sure if I ever want to step into this admirable role. There are many children in the world in need of a mother. If I ever decide to become one there is always a way.

Have you tried holistic alternative medicine?

Yes for sometime it worked. I even spoke to someone doing a Phd on integrative medicine and endometriosis. She shared with me she had endometriosis and adenomyosis and that nothing worked for her. She had to have surgery for endo. Yet she has found how it works for some women. Every case is different.

What did I gain...

I gained many things but one that stands out the most for me is that I became best friends with my mother. We are very different. I never thought in a million years this would happen. She offered me the unconditional love I didn’t receive as a child.

Mom if you are reading this I ADORE YOU! I also became a better person.

What am I experiencing now?

FREEDOM! I’m living my name again. I no longer have menorrhagia, severe brain fog, anemia, pelvic pain, etc. I’m free and getting healthier by the day.

I am presently enjoying the gifts the holiday season brings and super happy I’m reconnecting with you. The picture that you see in this post is Freedom enjoying her time at her favorite cafe with good company. I no longer live in my bed :)

There is one thing that impedes us to believe in miracles and that is fear. Faith on the other hand is build with love and believe.

I had to surrender to something bigger than me and believe that love is on my side and indeed can cure everything.

May you surrender and accept what you can’t change. May you experience miracles in your life as well.



PS: For all Elizabeth Gilbert fans (I’m one): She recently posted about her surgery as well. She also had endo. Her story gave me the support I needed to write my story as well. Thank you Liz!

Some people think that this disease is not a big deal and women can endure the symptoms. I hope that my story can help you understand it’s not the same for every woman.


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