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Because your intention for 2018 involves

epic adventures,

raising your energy vibration,

manifesting financial wealth,

following your calling

and learning to truly love yourself...

I present you ...

The 2018 Mindful Printable Planner

A year of positive mindset, intention and Mindfulness

A planner for the spiritual unicorn in mind.


Apply the power of intention by  practicing self-care. Focus on your self-growth.  Reach your vision mindfully while working on your goals.

Printables include:

  • Monthly, weekly and daily planners

  • Strategies to help you simplify your yearly goal

  • Self growth list

  • Mindfulness mindset weekly tracker

  • Dream board, ideas board, wonderful moments board.

  • Accountability yearly planner

  • Manifestation letters to the Universe

  • End of the year reflection section

  • Project plan layout and more!

  • It's like having your own coach on paper!


  • Instant Digital Download: 47 PDF included

  • Material: Printable PDF Planner

  • Letter size printable (8.5 inch x 10 inch, US standard)

  • Store Policy: Non refundable, No exchanges, or cancellations.

  • Any inquiries contact

Please note! 

This planner is not for:
🗙The plane Jane. 
🗙Not for people who are already expecting to work excessively. Forget multitasking!


This planner is for:
* People who are expecting greatness in 2018
* those who want to create a stronger dialogue with the universe
* People who want to practice self growth 
* People who want to Improve their mindset
* People who want to feel supportive and not overwhelmed.

The story behind this planner:

Back in 2016, I felt overwhelmed by my to do list and I couldn't afford buying a planner. This challenging time helped me create my own customized planner. Six months later, I gave it away for free. My intention was to help others without expecting anything in return.


To my surprise, the next day, I received hundreds of beautiful comments from people around the world thanking me and letting me know how grateful they were and how much they liked the planner. My challenge became a blessing. I helped myself and others and since then I have improved and added more valuable content.


I hope this planner also serves you to create epic life stories.


Not for the plain Jane.  

"Get your tutu out! 

Create epic moments.

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