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High Vibe Products

Made with so much love so you can simplify your life.



The 2018 Mindful Printable Planner. 



Created for the spiritual rebel in mind. 

Reach your intentions mindfully while paying attention to your self growth.  More than just a planner, your GPS to plan your 2018 vision.

21 Days to forgive

 online course


Would you like to learn how to forgive? And have a lighter lighter life?


Then join me in this FREE Forgiveness challenge that is also an online course. Its free from May 23rd until June 30th. Learn to release the painful feelings so you can live a lighter life. 

Healing Your Inner child  

(audio guided meditation)



This beautiful audio meditation will help you learn to become your own parent, improve your self care, make skillful decisions and boost your confidence.

You are presence is important in this world.  

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