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11 Ways To Raise Your Energy Vibration E-book

How to give your day an uplift when your energy is low? I got you cover! This book will provide you with 11 tips on how to prepare for those not so colorful days and raise your energy vibration.  Create your own yellow path in life with these 11 tips.  

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11 Ways To Raise Your Vibration


Freedom's Book list and Spiritual Movie Picks.

Here is a selection of wonderful movies and books to nourish your soul and mind.  Click on the images to download and print your pdf file.

Books & Movie list


12 Morning Rituals for A blissful day.

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12 Morning Rituals
A letter to the universe


The Universe to do list.

 Write to the universe it's to do list.  Do your part and expect miracles. For the highest good of all. 

This exercise is part of The 2018 MINDFUL PLANNER: A year of positive mindset, intention and mindfulness. You can find more info about the planner in our shop section.


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This e-book will offer you a new approach to mindful eating.  Ingredients: a mix of eating meditation with some sense of humor.  

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Mindful Eating



to soothe difficult emotions

Let me hand you my emergency kit.  Click on the image to download and print your pdf file.

Meditation To Soothe

Are you ready to be in a relationship quiz

(These 22 questions can help you reflect whether you are ready to be in a loving relationship or if you still need to

build the best relationship with yourself first).


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 Freedom's fave free apps to assist you for a positive lifestyle.

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